What are the Top 5 programming languages in 2020

top 5 programming languages

In this article you get full  knowledge about  Top 5 Programming languages   which are performing very well in market and you also know about why they are doing well in market and also get the idea about  which programming language you should choose to start your carrier.

Best top 5 programming languages in market

1. Python

From last some recent years Python is doing very well and it become first choice for most of the expert programmer as well as beginner . Pyhton can be used to develop desktop and web applications  , GUI-based desktop applications, machine learning(one of the most thending technology in recent market), data science, and network servers etc.

why python is become most popular programing language?

  • it has simplified syntax and not difficult to under stand.
  •  Due to its ease of learning and usage (python code very easy to write and have veryfast execution)
  • it is an interpreted language which makes it even more popular among all kinds of developers.
  • In a very large scale python have a libraries and frameworks support.
  • Open-source with an ever-growing community support

by these reasons python became popular programing language in market

2. Java

Java is an OOPs (object-oriented programming) based programing language that was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1991.without wasting any time now we go for why java is popular in market.

why Java ?

  • Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language ( means every things in java are objects)
  • First choice for enterprise just because of its features.
  • Java has Rich API
  • Powerful development tools e.g., Eclipse, Netbeans
  • Great collection of Open Source libraries
  • last but not least “Java is Free”

these are the reason that’s why java become popular in market.

3. C,C++

C/C++ is like a bread and butter of programming language . Most of the low level system are like operating system ,   file system etc are written in C/C++.

why C++/C ?

  • C++ is considered to be the best option for competitive programming by 75% of the programmers across the world, as it is usually faster than Java and Python.
  • If you talk about speed then no one can beat C language . you can say that “C” is an one the fastest language in the programing fields.
  • C++ has a large library called STL (Standard Template Library) which helps

by these reason it came under top 5 programming languages in 2020

4. JavaScript

First thing i wanted to let you know that is java and javascript both are different language JavaScript allows you to build interactive websites where as java focus on the logic and complexity

why Javascript ?

  • JavaScript is a fun, interactive language(most of the part of js dealing with UI(user interface) so become interesting for programmer.
  • Strong support for learning as well as development process. you guys heard  about the React js and Angular js These are most popular amoung the all the frame work present in the market.
  • Very big community support for js frame work. 1) React js handled by the very famous company facebook .

2) Angular js handled by the tech gient Google.

  •  javascript is the first choice for developming real time application.


5. TypeScript

TypeScript, actully an superset of JavaScript is an object-oriented language that was developed  to extend the capabilities of JS. The language makes it easy for developers to write and maintain codes. TypeScript offers a complete description of each component of the code and can be used for developing large applications with a strict syntax and fewer errors.

Why TypeScript ?

  • TypeScript simplifies JavaScript code, making it easier to learn, development and debug.
  • TypeScript provides highly productive development tools for JavaScript IDEs and practices, like static checking.
  • Usually when you work on a piece of code.
  • Less bugs and Less boilerplate tests


I hope from this post that you have know about Top 5 programming languages in 2020 and also get the idea about which language you should  choose to start your carrier.

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