what is core java and advance java

what is core java and advance java

In this article you learn about what is core java  and advance java.

what is core java.

officially their is nothing like “Core Java”  actually it’s JAVA SE (Java Platform Standard Edition) and we used to say core java.

Core java is a part of java programming language which is  used to build  general purpose applications.

It includes core topic of java programming language like OOPs(object oriented programming), Strings, Exception Handling, Inner classes,

I/O operations, Networking,  AWT, Swing, Collections, etc.

core Java’s  API  :- java.lang,  java.io, java.sql, java.maths etc.

what is advance java

Just like core java advance java isn’t a officially name given by java. actually it’s JAVA EE (Java Platform, Enterprise Edition) .

It is a specification given by SUN for developing highly secure and scalable enterprise/web applications.

In simple words it is a platform developed by SUN for allowing programmers to develop applications that run on the server.

Prerequisite to start learning JEE :-

  • Basics of OOPs
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • specially interfaces and abstract classes
  • Exception Handling

things you learn in advance java are

  • Servlet
  • JDBC
  • JSP
  • JavaMail API (Sending mail overview & other HTTP request)
  • Maven (Web App creation, Eclipse & example)
  • Struts 2(Interface, Validation, Architecture, Model etc)
  • EJB

if you want to know What is java best way to learn java ? chick here

after leaning above article i think you get the knowledge of what is core java and what is advance java.

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