what is java and best ways to learn java in 2020-2021

what is java and best ways to learn java

In this article you are going to read What is java, history of java, features of java, why should you learn java, type of applications you can made using java, ways to learn java.

what is java

Java is an  concurrent, class-based,  object-oriented and high-level programing language. The Java syntax is similar to C++ , but java is more strictly object oriented then C++.

History of Java

Java is a popular programming language is developed by Sun Microsystems under the supervision of  James Gosling during the early 1990s and Java 1.0, which is  first version of java and t was released in 1995 . Initially, it was called a project ‘Oak’ then it’s name changed to java. Later the Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle.

Features of Java

  • Object-Oriented language :- every things in java is an objects.
  • Security :- java is an one of the most secure language in the world.
  • It is “WORA” means Write Once Run Anywhere. This concept of write once, run anywhere was used as a slogan to promote Java’s cross-platform abilities
  • Platform independent  
  • Multithreaded :- With Java’s multithreaded means a program can performs multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Dynamic :- java can loads the class files at run time. Anything that happens at run time is an dynamic nature.
  • Interpreted :- Java byte code is translated to native machine instructions.

Why you should learn java

  • Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language ( means every things in java are objects).
  • First choice for enterprise just because of its features.
  • Java has Rich API.
  • Powerful development tools e.g., Eclipse, Netbeans.
  • Great collection of Open Source libraries.
  • last but not least “Java is Free”.

I think now you get the basic idea about what is java ,its feature’s and why you should learn java.

Type of applications you can made using java

  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop GUI Applications
  • Web-based Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Scientific Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Big Data technologies
  • Business Applications
  • Distributed Applications
  • Cloud-based Applications

Now lets Talks about the best ways to learn java with the best resources.

Learn the Basics

first learn the basic of java programming language and have a good command over it.

Youtube :-

  1. java vedios tutorial by Telusko
  2. java vedios tutorial by Durgasoft (if you have time then i prefer this one because this tutorial remove all the doubt and strong your fundamental basics ).

Tutorial Site:-

Practice Coding

After completing the fundamentals or basics of java lets go one step ahead and time to practicals or practice.

Best Website  for practicing the code is:-

In above mention website you already have the problem you have to code and solve the problems with efficient  way you also have to take care of time and space complexity.

In accordance  you solve the problems you get marks and these marks tell about how much more efforts you have to put to make more strong in coding. By these website you also prepare for competitive programming and made your carrier.

A lot of best IT’s (Information  Technology)  companies are Tie-up with above mention website to hire best talents so that time to time hiring is take place in these website.

After reading this article i hope you get the idea about the what is java , why you should learn java, type of applications you can made using java, ways to learn java etc.

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what is java and best ways to learn java in 2020-2021

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